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File Extension KAP

What is File Extension KAP?

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File Extension KAP Description:

the Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation developed The MapInfo program. The company specializes in creating geographic information systems as well as storing and gathering location information and data. The company is a subsidiary of Pitney Bowes.

Using geographic information uses MapInfo to create precise maps. The software can gather information from a number of geographical surveying programs and use them to create a map. The application can display several kinds of information and data in a single map. Maps created by the program can hold layers of vector and raster images. Raster graphics are often made semi-transparent so that they can serve more as backgrounds for the actual elements of the map.

MapInfo can be used both to create and to analyze existing maps. The first version of the program was created for the Disk Operating System. The software uses a MapCode development environment, which uses a programming dialogue similar to the C programming language. The MapInfo Corporation eventually discontinued it.

Development continued on the program so that later releases could be run on a UNIX, Macintosh or Windows operating system. These versions included a graphical interface instead of the command line interface favored by DOS applications. This meant that users did not need to know code words to start tasks in the program. The program also came with a programming language called MapBasic, a dialect of the BASIC programming language. Recent releases are focused solely on the Windows platform.

The program uses the KAP file extension to save sea charts. Sea charts created by the application are saved with the file extension .kap. These files can be also be analyzed by the program. Files with the KAP file extension contain geographic data about seas, which are translated into images. Users can convert files with the KAP file extension into other file formats so that they can be viewed more easily. The file extension .kap is attached to sea charts that contain layers of images to provide users with accurate replicas of actual seas.


Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation

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