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File Extension BC!

What is File Extension BC!?

File Extension BC! Recommendation:

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File Extension BC! Description:

The BC! File extension is a format created by BitComet. It is a downloaded file from the BitComet application that has not been completely downloaded yet. The ! (exclamation point) in the file extension BC!, is sort of a warning signal for users, so that they will know when a BitComet file is not finished downloading. The BC! File extension may be a download file that was terminated by the users intentionally or unintentionally, or it may be a download file currently in progress. The file extension BC! Is not only exclusive to the BitComet application alone, since it is also used by the BitLord application for its incomplete downloads.

The file extensions BC! Are usually music downloads; movie downloads and downloads of different types of software. When the downloaded file is finally complete, the file extension BC! Will be altered to reflect the real format of the downloaded file such as: wma, mp3 or mp4 for music files, exe, rar or zip for movie files and software files, since they are bigger files that need to be compressed for them to be downloaded faster.

Whenever the files with BC! File extension is in the process of completing the download process, it is not supposed to be opened because it will be corrupted, and users will have to download the file all over again. In the event that the connection between the server and the client software is dropped, the BC! File extension downloads may be resumed, given that the exact same file is found on one or more servers in the peer to peer sharing network.

The BitComet and the BitLord applications are BitTorrent download management applications, commonly called BitTorrent client software. These applications are capable of downloading files up to 10 times faster than other BitTorrent client software available. BitTorrent is a P2P or peer to peer file sharing protocol and it is a popular choice for distributing huge amounts of data without the main distributor having to incur all the costs of hosting, bandwidth resources and hardware.



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Applications associated with file extension BC!:

BitComet software, BitLord software, BitTorrent software, Microsoft Windows OS

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