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File Extension XLSB

What is File Extension XLSB?

File Extension XLSB Recommendation:

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File Extension XLSB Description:

The Excel spreadsheet saved through Office 2007 with a binary data format utilizes the XLSB file extension. The file extension XLSB, considered as a binary format of Excel, is considered as the second complete fidelity format geared for the Excel 2007 program; next to XML file formats of Office Open, i.e. XLSM, XLSX, XLTM, XLTX, and the XLAM. Files with the .xlsb file extension are still similar to the Open Office XML format with regard to the structure, which encompass an array of related parts in a container. However, each part of the files with the .xlsb file extension contains binary data instead of XML.

The primary function of the file extension XLSB is to provide an efficient container for Excel documents, in terms of opening and saving. Thus, usage of the XLSB file extension can often lead to improvements in the performance of workbooks that contain huge amounts of data, or those that require a great deal XML parsing during the opening process. Additionally, files with the .xlsb extension can contain macros, i.e. XLM and VBA. This means there is not one file with the .xlsb file extension that exists without macro.

In many aspects, the file extension XLSB has functionalities similar to that of the XML file format. Evidently, files with the .xlsb file extension have approximately the same file size as XML files, since both formats are saved to the user's disk via a zip compression procedure. The following is a list of the functionalities of the XLSB file extension, similar to XML files.

* Files with the .xlsb file extension use the same packaging structure and can have the same part-level structures.

* When loaded into the memory, the file extension XLSB has no effect on the speed of the application and/or calculation.

* Lastly, files with the .xlsb file extension also have the same converter support with XML files.



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Microsoft Excel

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