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File Extension WKS

What is File Extension WKS?

File Extension WKS Recommendation:

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File Extension WKS Description:

The WKS file extension is a spreadsheet data file created by Microsoft Works. The .wks file contains data that is organized and sorted in rows and columns, like those found in Microsoft Excel. However, unlike Excel, the functionality and features of Microsoft Works is quite limited in its spreadsheet manipulation.

The .wks file format contains the following MIME types:

* application/lotus123

* application/x-lotus123

* application/wks

* application/x-wks

* application/vnd.lotus-1-2-3

* application/excel

This is used to distinguish what application is capable of opening and viewing the said file under the Microsoft Windows platform.

Microsoft Works is an office suite program that contains minor features from those applications found in the Microsoft Office suite. The application contains a word processor, spreadsheet, and a database. The main graphical user interface (GUI) of MS Works contains a calendar that can store schedules, appointments, and events. It also has the capability to store contact information, as well as a quick launch bar for its 3 main functions.

The .wks file extension is created when the user selects the "Works Spreadsheet" link found on the right side of the MS Works GUI. The .wks file can hold numerical, as well as textual data, which can be used to perform calculations.

Also, the .wks file extension is also being used by another spreadsheet application called Lotus 1-2-3. The application is somewhat similar to Microsoft Excel with regard to common functionality for a spreadsheet program; but may differ in some advanced features, like computations, formulas, and functions.

Note, however, that the file with a .wks format can be opened by Microsoft Excel and IBMs Lotus 1-2-3, and can be modified with its more advanced features.


Microsoft Corporation

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Applications associated with file extension WKS:

Microsoft Works 9.0

Common Path:

(user defined)

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