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File Extension WIZ

What is File Extension WIZ?

File Extension WIZ Recommendation:

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File Extension WIZ Description:

The file extension .wiz is classified as a program wizard, which is commonly incorporated in different applications to extend its functionality. The .wiz file extension can take on various forms depending on the application that is invoking it, but the associated task remains the same. In computing, the wizard function in relation to the file extension .wiz refers to a tool that is designed to guide a user, via the implementation of step by step procedures to achieve a specific task.

The file extension .wiz is commonly characterized by a sequence of decision questions that require user intervention, which is presented with various options to help the user to come up with the appropriate output. The user's response would ultimately dictate what the direction the wizard will take based on the available options.

Wizards can be applied in various ways by programs, like for example, during the installation process, or the creation of a customized document, or even a database. Most often, the wizard like the file extension .wiz is invoked when the user is not sure on the direction he wants to take in completing a specific task. Therefore, the goal of the file extension .wiz is to simplify otherwise complex undertakings, via a series of straightforward options; usually with an option to return to a previous decision window for greater flexibility.

The file extension .wiz in the context of creating a document, based on a pre-installed wizard, can be activated usually from the program's menu interface. Normally, the option of utilizing the file extension .wiz would be attached to the opening of a new file, which would launch the wizard feature.

The file extension .wiz is completely capable of customizing almost every imaginable attribute of a file, from its color scheme to the user's personal data. Once all is set, the file can be saved in the format that the user deems appropriate, and it will create a new file, but would not overwrite the wizard file.

The file extension .wiz must not be confused with a template file, which although have some similarities are actually of different natures. The template is defined as the formatted shell, which hosts an empty information document. The wizard associated with the file extension .wiz on the other hand, is a formatted shell, which means that it builds the data for the user as it progresses, as opposed to the user manually building the data, which is done in templates.


Microsoft Corporation

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Applications associated with file extension WIZ:

Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word

Common Path:

C:\ Program Files\ Microsoft Office\

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