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File Extension VSD

What is File Extension VSD?

File Extension VSD Recommendation:

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File Extension VSD Description:

The file extension .vsd is generated by the Visio program, which is incorporated into the Microsoft Office productivity suite. The .vsd file extension is specifically appended to the drawing files created by the program. Visio was the product of the research into the development of a diagramming tool, which was later on bought by Microsoft Corporation, which continues its advancement along with other programs included in the Office Suite. The file extension .vsd refers to the various objects that can be produced by the application like different types of charts, diagrams and models, which provide graphic visual interpretation of complex data.

Commonly associated with technical drawings, the file extension .vsd can also be used in various businesses, educational and personal tasks, which can be incorporated into other applications included in the Office Suite. The main goal in designing the .vsd file extension was to create a representation of mostly textual data presented in tables, to allow for better analysis, understanding, and appreciation. Diagrams created with the file extension .vsd, provides the user with a means of clearly communicating information with just a single glance, with the functionality of data connection that allows the refreshing of data based on the frequency of the source.

The file extension .vsd has proven to be a successful productivity tool for many business organizations that allows employees and managers alike, to appreciate organizational processes, resources and systems, wherein they are all part of. Creation of the file extension .vsd can be done either from scratch, or by loading built-in program templates that can help in the effective creation of appropriate charts and diagrams, independent of the user's level of expertise.

The latest release of the program generating the file extension .vsd includes a template for an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), with Value Stream Mapping and numerous types of shapes and symbols, which can be loaded either from the Internet, or direct from the local hard drive.


Microsoft Corporation

Author URL:

Applications associated with file extension VSD:

Microsoft Office Visio

Common Path:

C:\ Program Files\ Microsoft Office\ Office12\

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