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File Extension VEG

What is File Extension VEG?

File Extension VEG Recommendation:

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File Extension VEG Description:

The file extension .veg is a format developed for the Vegas Video editing program by Sonic Foundry, which carried the name Sonic Foundry Vegas until Sony Corporation acquired it in 2003, and changed its brand name to Sony Vegas but still, retained all inherent functionalities. The file extension .veg is generated by the application to represent project files, created in relation to movie projects that contain timelines, videos and audios, which are modified with the use of transitions and special effects. The .veg file extension references the contents of the file, which can be exported to various digital formats and devices like iPod and PSP, or burned to digital discs using the built-in disc authoring utility.

The file extension .veg represents the non-linear system implemented by the application, in editing different media types on Microsoft Windows Operating System environments. Initially designed as strictly a sound editing tool, it was modified to accommodate other media to morph into a full featured NLE utility, with resolution independent sequencing of videos. A characteristic of the file extension .veg is the inclusion of complex composting and effect tools, unlimited audio track editing, support for 192 KHz sound including a DirectX plug-in, with Dolby Digital mixing capability.

The file extension .veg does not save media with its corresponding files, but rather, only maintains a reference point to instruct the program where to search for the media, which practically resides in the same area on the hard drive. The .veg file extension implements a non-destructive NLE, that translates to editing and modifications implemented within the program, to remain in the program without directly affecting the original media file. Effects and other properties utilized by the file extension .veg are applied when the media is opened in the application, with the original source file remaining intact and virtually untouched.

Rendering is applied on the .veg file extension instead of on the original file to produce the final output, which becomes a separate file from the source media. In cases where the source is accidentally (or even intentionally) deleted, the application informs the user what components are missing from the .veg file extension, and offers a way of finding the media to reinstruct the program and update the project file.


Sony Creative Software Inc.

Author URL:

Applications associated with file extension VEG:

Sony Vegas

Common Path:

C:\ Program Files\ Sony\

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