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File Extension USR

What is File Extension USR?

File Extension USR Recommendation:

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File Extension USR Description:

The .usr file extension is used as a User database for different applications. It is used to store different kinds of data or information; it can be a user name, client information, and the like. New users can be added to the user database, and mostly the administrators for security reasons do this. Without a user database, any user can access a system, which may lead to security breaches.

File/s with the .usr file extension is also helpful when there is a security breach, because administrators can trace who was the last user who logged on and at what time. For the Pegasus Mail application, the file with the .usr file extension is used to save user information and others that is needed for the application.

For the GuildFTPD application, file/s with the .usr file extension is used as a user profile, which is a binary file that has passwords and usernames for the GuildFTPD application. The .usr file extension is in use in order for the system to verify that the user logging in is authorized to access the system. Verifying the user's authentication is by comparing the username and, password entered by the user to the user database. In the case of GuildFTPD the file/s with the .usr file extension has a filename of default.usr and older files are named default1.usr, etc.

For the FileMaker Pro software, the .usr file extension is referred to as FileMaker Pro Runtime Engine Database Application. It is a database application that has the capability to organize or store information regarding clients, assets, projects, and the like. When the FileMaker Pro is used in Mac OS X, the .usr file extension is edited to become UFSR to make sure that the creator code has no duplicates. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can be converted to file with the .usr file extension, to be able to make searching, reporting, sorting, and sharing easier.


GuildFTPD, FileMaker, Inc.

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Applications associated with file extension USR:

GuildFTPd FTP Server Daemon, FileMaker Pro, Pegasus Mail, Microsoft Excel

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