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File Extension UHA

What is File Extension UHA?

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File Extension UHA Description:

The proprietary format .uha file extension is a compressed file representation that is generated by the compression utility UHarc. The file extension .uha format can also be interpreted in certain cases as version specific, which means that a version of the compression tool may not be capable of decompressing an archive that was compressed with a different version of the application. The most common instances wherein the .uha file extension is implemented by the compression tool are in the versions 0.2 and 0.4.

The compressed files generated by UHarc that carries the file extension .uha, have a relatively smaller file size than the popular RAR compression algorithm, but has a longer decompression time precisely due to its compactness. The .uha file extension is described as a solid and high compression archive deployed on a 386 or higher processor capability that can be launched in a DOS environment, as well as the Microsoft Windows Operating System platform. The code of the compression tool can be downloaded in binary form, provided that it will not be used form commercial purposes, because the application is primarily freeware based.

The file extension .uha memory requirements would generally depend on the user's compression method preference, which would dictate the amount how much system resource would be consumed. The latest 0.6a version associated with the .uha file extension remains like its predecessors, non compatible with older editions of the program. The .uha file extension's self imposed limitation is that it cannot exceed two gigabytes in size when unpacked, because of the perceived length of time to decompress a huge archive.

The .uha file extension is generated from DOS based command line instructions, which prompted other developers to provide a graphical user interface for the utility. The expansion of the program's functionality allows for a more simplified approach to the implementation and generation of the .uha file extension. The installation package for the file extension .uha associated program includes the files LICENSE.DOC, UHARC.EXE, UHARCD.EXE, UHARCSFX.EXE, UHARC.DOC, UNUHARC.EXE, and UNUHARCD.EXE.


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