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File Extension UDF

What is File Extension UDF?

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File Extension UDF Description:

The UDF file extension stands for Universal Disk Format. It is the format used by file systems for keeping files on an optical media including CD-R and CD-RW. The UDF file format is an application of the ECMA-167 standard. This file format was created by the Optical Storage Technology Association to build an informal file system for optical devices that are rewritable.

The UDF file format is aimed at replacing ISO 9660, supporting writable media and read-only media. After the launching of the UDF file extension, DVD Consortium fostered it as the official file format for DVD Video and DVD Audio.

Files with .udf file extension are often found on most optical disks and on Digital Video Discs media that are utilized for video recording. UDF file format supports sizeable files and OS-specific file attributes.

A special third-party application is needed by almost all operating systems to be able to read a file that has a UDF file extension, like the UDF Reader and UDF Editor. Some variants of the UDF file format are used by almost all video recording modular formats including the DVD+VR format by Philips and the DVD-VR format. Mattel's Hyper Scan video game console also makes use of the UDF file extension for the data of the video game. Blu-ray discs also make use of the mentioned format. Files with .udf format enable the creation and deletion of files on removable storing devices like flash disks and floppy disks.

Author: Optical Storage Technology Association


ng programs usually master files with .udf file extension in a batch activity. UDF file format has been launched in several revisions. DVD-Video discs makes use of UDF Revision 1.02 while support for real-time and stream files is included in UDF Revision 2. All revisions of the UDF file format describe three variances of the format including Plain, VAT and Spared variations. The plain variation is the original system supported in most UDF revisions. The VAT variation of UDF is utilized for authoring to CD-R and other media while the Spared variation of UDF is typically employed for CD-RW and DVD-RW media writing.

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Applications associated with file extension UDF:

UDF Reader, UDF Editor, Optical and Digital Video Discs applications

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