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File Extension TST

What is File Extension TST?

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File Extension TST Description:

The file extension .tst is a partially configured test file commonly used by TestPoint. The TestPoint application is a software development program used for testing and developing applications. It is also used as a measurement application which can be used in testing pressure, voltage, electrical current, speed and other scientific measurements.

TestPoint is only operable under Windows operating system. The .tst file extension is used in determining test files in TestPoint.

High-level Analog to Digital conversion function is provided by the .tst file format to create simple acquisition of data. TestPoint uses the .tst file in acquiring multiple data from different sources while other Windows application is running. The maximum specified speed of the Analog to Digital conversion card operation is limited by a file of the .tst format.

The .tst file extension is also responsible in providing high-speed manipulation of Digital to Analog conversion cards being used for editing and generation of arbitrary waveforms and control systems. Certain features that TestPoint offers using the .tst file are ramp, sine, triangle and square waves, burst and amplitude modulation, variety and unlimited length arbitrary waveforms. Thermocouples, PID control, XY charts and strip charts are also other example features that are included in TestPoint within the implementation of the .tst file extension.

TestPoint can handle multiple test files with the help of the .tst files in one or more panels for display. TestPoint can also hide or make the information visible in just a matter of milliseconds so that users will need not to wait. With the advent of .tst file format, TestPoint became the key to fast access to information.

Information access became the key to fast test setup, problem resolution and program execution. TestPoint gives the user an immediate access to specific information. With the file format .tst, TestPoint can manage whatever the color, size and other dimensions and textures of drawing projects.

Once the data has been recognized by TestPoint, the user can share it locally or across an Internet network through Word and Excel objects, which would directly link to document files upon the summon of the current user who opened the project.



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