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File Extension TDS

What is File Extension TDS?

File Extension TDS Recommendation:

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File Extension TDS Description:

The TDS file extension is associated with the Turbo Debugger by Borland Software Corporation. Files in the .tds file extension contains symbol tables, which are data structures that are used as a language translator by an interpreter or compiler, wherein every identifier in a source code of a program is related to information associated with an appearance or declaration in the source, like a type.

A compiler can use a single symbol table for all the symbols, or use a separate hierarchy of symbol tables for various scopes. An object file contains symbol tables of externally visible identifiers, with the .tds file extension. During linking of various object files, a linker utilizes symbol tables to determine unresolved references.

Files in the .tds file extension are present during the process of translation, and are embedded in the output of the translation process, during interactive debugging sessions. Files in the .tds file extension also function as a resource during formatting diagnostic reports, after or during program execution. Symbol tables with the .tds file extension are used with the powerful capability of Turbo Debugger, to watch instructions for execution and monitor machine registers. It is able to go through step by step in the source code, including debugging information.

Turbo Debugger was used in MS-DOS executables as a machine-level debugger. It was bundled along with Turbo C and Turbo Assembler, and later into the Borland C++ product suite. This program enables developers to single step programs, and run it line by line while monitoring events. The registers, memory dump, flags, individual variables, and code can be traced in the program.

Turbo Debugger can be used as well with other programs written in a high level programming language for observing source codes, as well as the assembly language code produced during the compilation of the program. These are usually used when a crash happens to the system because of a programming bug.


Borland Software Corporation

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Applications associated with file extension TDS:

Turbo Debugger, Turbo C, Turbo Assembler, Borland C++ Suite, MS-DOS

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