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File Extension TC

What is File Extension TC?

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File Extension TC Description:

The TC file extension describes the virtual encrypted disk that serves as data container for the TrueCrypt application. This is a program that allows users to create an encrypted volume or a data storage device using disk space.

Features of the TrueCrypt application are:

* Allows users to create a virtual encrypted disk that can be mounted (initialized and executed) as a real disk

* Has the capability to encrypt the entire storage device (such as USB flash drive) or a drive partition.

* Incorporates security features such as a password to mount and execute the TC file; a "keyfile" can also be used with the same function.

* Encryption algorithm used by the application includes AES-256, Twofish, and Serpent; with an MTS mode of operation.

The encrypted volume with a TC file extension is automatically encrypted or decrypted even before it is loaded, or saved, without any user intervention. The following scenario will explain this concept:

* For creating a virtual encrypted disk, the file will be automatically encrypted while it is temporary stored on the memory module or RAM (Random Access Memory) even before it is being written on the disk drive.

* When the encrypted volume is being mounted and opened, the file will be decrypted at the same time it is loaded on to the disk (also on memory).

For security purposes, no encryption or decryption data is left on memory after the process. The application will erase the data from the memory while it is being processed.

Also, mounting the TC file over to your disk will require a password before it can be opened. The password info will be stored on the encrypted TC file, and will prompt the user when executed. The same concept is also applied when the user prefers to utilize "keyfiles" instead of the latter.


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