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File Extension TAP

What is File Extension TAP?

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File Extension TAP Description:

the file associated with Geopath Editor, in relation to its operation as a fully integrated Microsoft Windows system based CAD/ CAM system for CNC machinists generates the file extension .tap. Production of the .tap file extension is associated with the MazaCAM offline programming system, which integrates additional Mazak control capabilities to CNC machine tools. The MazaCAM is largely deployed in plants of Lockheed Martin and Boeing, which are primarily known for their aircraft manufacturing abilities. The Geopath CAD/CAM solution, which is identified with the file extension .tap, is a component of the MazaCAM programming system.

Aside from the .tap file extension supported Geopath, other components of the MazaCAM suite includes Mazak Utilities, MazaCAM File Commander, Mazatrol Offline Editor, Mazak Communications, Mazatrol Conversion, and Mazatrol Program Printing.

The tape file associated with the Jupiter Ace home microcomputer implements the .tap file extension, which was widely deployed during the peak of the home computer boom, and implemented the programming language Forth as its standard. The .tap file extension tape file format is almost similar to the format used by the Sinclair Spectrum, and was utilized initially for the reading of the registered Z80 version of the Spectrum Emulator, and used as data and header blocks.

The file extension .tap's concatenated data and header blocks are separated by two byte words, providing the Low, High order of the block. The software library provides a simple application that allows for the construction of the .tap file extension from the header and data blocks, and stored in the ACE snapshot format for the gathered information.

The snapshot file of the Oric Atmos likewise applies the default file extension .tap within the 8-bit computer system, based on the original Oric-1 made of black and grey colors. The .tap file extension supported computer is characterized by a usable memory, for the purpose of hosting games and programming with sophisticated serial attribute handling process for the Teletext and the Viewdata. The .tap file extension related attributes are stored on the user screen with the data, rather than utilizing memory storage space.


SolutionWare Corporation, Paul Robson, and S.D.Marshall

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Applications associated with file extension TAP:

Geopath Editor, Jupiter Ace, Atmos software

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