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File Extension SNP

What is File Extension SNP?

File Extension SNP Recommendation:

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File Extension SNP Description:

The SNP file extension is used by Microsoft Access to have Report Snapshots stored using only one file that can be printed and viewed by the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer.

The file with the .snp file extension is a standalone file that can display an Access report. It is not necessary for the workstation to have Access in viewing the report inside a file with the .snp file extension, but it appears with the same fidelity as Access. These files can be viewed separately, embedded in web pages, and added as attachments to e-mail messages.

Files with the .snp file extension rely on the CFBF or Compound File Binary Format of Microsoft, which also stands as the basis for the Advanced Authoring Format. This format is a simple container that has the ability to store directories, multiple files, etc.

Files with the .snp file extension use CFBF so that each page is stored as a separate EMF (Enhanced Metafile) in order to control all the graphics commands needed to replicate the page. Since these files are not compressed, the Microsoft CAB format is used to reduce their size resulting in a compact file format, which can be only a few kilobytes in size for each page of text and simple graphics.

Working with the pages of a file with the .snp file extension programmatically involves the extraction of its contents using CAB compression routines such as the Windows API SetupDecompress or the CopyFile from the SetupAPI library. The _AccRpt_.snp file as a type of CFBF file is then opened and the files in the CFBF are enumerated in order to find the EMF files for each page. The EMF files are then extracted from the CFBF for the desired pages.

Files with the .snp file extension extend dramatically, with regards to the range of applications for Access reports. They can also be used on Web servers, LAN servers, as well as with e-mail. Because they use a free viewer, you can use them without Access and with any browser.

Some reports that can be published in files with the .snp file extension are summary reports that are highly formatted, reports that contain chart packages, catalogs that describe items or other products of interest, which can have the items' images and other descriptive information.

Using the command File/Export, OutputTo process for DoCmd, and the SendObject process for DoCmd can create the files with the .snp file extension. Making a file with the .snp file extension with the OutputTo method is via the use of the general format of: DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, _ strName, strOutputFormat, strPath where the acOutputReport emphasizes the type of output as a kind of report, the strName represents the report's name, the strOutputFormat is equal to the snapshot format, and the strPath designates the path of the file and its file name for the so-called stand-alone file with the .snp file extension.


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Microsoft Access

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C:\ Program Files

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