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File Extension SMPL

What is File Extension SMPL?

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File Extension SMPL Description:

The SMPL file format stores data and sets utilized by the programming language for files created in the Megahedron software. Attuned exclusively to the Linux and Windows NT platforms (under the x86 architecture), the SMPL file contains models of three-dimensional (3D) images and objects.

Each documentation of Megahedron files containing the SMPL format are contained in a single compact disc initially written in hypertext mark-up language. Installation of SMPL files basically follows three steps. First, a base directory within the operating system must be chosen or created and this is where Megahedron will be installed. The next step is to copy SMPL files from the Megahedron CD to the directory. Lastly, the installation process is completed by unpacking the Megahedron tar archive contained in the CD.

The Megahedron software is a feature-rich graphics package, which initially started in creating 8-bit graphics during the early 90s until it evolved into a full-fledged 3D creator. It boasts of a built-in network rendering functionality as well as the enhancement of wireframe to full-ray animations wherein flying objects are rendered very cleanly.

The file extension SMPL stands for Simulation and Modeling Programming Language and it is chiefly responsible for the animation, modeling, and procedural aspects of Megahedron. By using the SMPL file format and language, objects created in Megahedron are exquisitely modeled rather than shaded, thus allowing a much more controlled detailing of the object's shape over its color. In other graphics applications, this aspect is commonly set aside.

Data types in the SMPL file format are char, vector, and const types, which allow enumerated values to be meshed up to form an image. By using such data types, image rendering is more organized and systematized in Megahedron. Additionally, the SMPL file format collectively gathers sections describing a 3D image. These sections define the rendering and camera options, still frames, animation, and object declarations. The procedures taken by the SMPL file format ensure that object declaration occurs once throughout the process of image formation while instancing the object several times throughout the frame.

Lastly, the SMPL file format enhances the transformation of objects in the 3D world that are movable, modifiable, and stretchable prior to image rendering. The transformation of objects is relatively flexible in Megahedron, as it can transform objects absolutely or in a manner that considers the size, shape, and position of the object.


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