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File Extension SMM

What is File Extension SMM?

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File Extension SMM Description:

The Ami program is the first comprehensive word processor released for Windows computers. The software was released before Microsoft Word. It had several features, which allowed it to become popular in the market. After Ami was released, developers Samna added functionality for adding and supporting tables. Samna was eventually bought by the Lotus Company and was added to the Smart Suite group of programs. The program has several versions, which allowed it to be used with a number of operating systems, allowing it to compete with the WordPerfect and MS Word programs for the Windows operating system. When IBM absorbed the Lotus Development Company and acquired their product line, Ami Pro was discontinued in favor of the Lotus Word Pro application. The Lotus Word Pro application is actually based on the basics of Ami Pro. Lotus developed and released the third version of Ami Pro, adding compatibility with 32-bit Windows as well as OS/2.

Ami Pro is used to create documents in a fashion very similar to Microsoft Word programs. One significant difference from the Microsoft Word program is the locked-in formatting. Users can set formats for the entire paragraph by using function keys. The formatting set by the user will remain for the entire paragraph even if the last character of the paragraph is deleted. This gave it an advantage over Microsoft, wherein formatting applied to a paragraph will be changed to the default if any changes are made to the text, particularly if the last character of the paragraph is deleted.

Files with the SMM file extension contain macro files, which can be accessed by both Ami Pro and Lotus Word Pro. Macro files contain patterns that describe how a certain sequence of user input should be interpreted by the program. The most common forms of macro files are called shortcut keys or hot keys. These commands are specific to programs.

Macro files with the file extension .smm are included when the Ami Pro or Lotus Word Pro software are installed in the system. Files with the .smm file extension make certain tasks in the program easier to start. Some commonly used tasks are given corresponding macro files. Macro files with the SMM file extension are accessed whenever the user keys corresponding input pattern in. Input patterns stored in macro files with the SMM file extension are made up of keyboard strokes or mouse movements. The program references the files with the SMM file extension to access the definition of the process to be implemented.



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Applications associated with file extension SMM:

Ami Pro, Lotus Word

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