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File Extension SLDASM

What is File Extension SLDASM?

File Extension SLDASM Recommendation:

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File Extension SLDASM Description:

The SLDASM extension file software that has a three dimensional assembly is formed with Solidworks Computer Aided Design (CAD). It usually includes several SolidWorks Part (.SLDPRT) file.

The Solidworks software is a 3D solid modeling software component based imaging of the solid parts of an object, making use of a procedural modeling technique to create assemblies and models. The parameter limits the values determining the object's size and shape. It is either geographic or numeric parameter. The geometric parameter takes horizontal, vertical, concentric, parallel, and tangent values. The numeric parameter implies the length and size of the object, and the diameter if the model is a circle. The data is efficiently stored in the file extension SLDASM.

Creating objects using Solidworks begins with either two or three-dimensional drawings. These drawings involve typical types of geometrical figures such as lines, cones, splines, and arcs. The measurements are added to the drawing to define its size and geometry location, other features such as the concentricity, parallelism, and perpendicularity are given options. The characteristic of the software is that the geometry does not drive the relations and dimensions of the object.

In an assembly, the drawing to analog relation is of a good companion. As in the drawings, it refers to the object's size and geometrical measurements and shapes. Moreover, the assembly has the same relation as the sketching but has to do with the individual parts and components.

The SLDASM extension file format uses the Microsoft hierarchical data storage within a single file. Various files in a SLDASM file extension format and other of similar format such as SLDDRW and SLDPRT, together with the metadata files and bitmaps are embedded. A variety of intermediary tools help extract the sub-files.


SolidWorks Corporation

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Applications associated with file extension SLDASM:

Solid Concepts SolidWorks or SolidWorks Viewer, Adobe Acrobat 3D

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