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File Extension SIM

What is File Extension SIM?

File Extension SIM Recommendation:

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File Extension SIM Description:

The .sim file extension is associated with the course material files of the software application SAP, and requires the installation of the SAP Player to be accessible to the user. The associated SAP Player can be downloaded from different host web sites on the Internet and supports the cutting edge tools, services, and software application. The .sim file extension assists in the deployment of SAP Education, which is designed to build a culture based on continuous learning to attain a measurable educational return. The file extension .sim is an element of various learning strategies, which covers the whole corporate educational chain in a comprehensive solution package.

The .sim file extension's implementation of the supported package helps in the optimization of IT investments, reduction of ownership costs, facilitation of the adoption of critical systems for end users, as well as the management of communication and transfer capabilities in an enterprise environment. The trainings of the file extension .sim are based on programs, user roles, and solutions for online knowledge applications, that are backed up with certifications and customization on industry based educational solutions.

The file extension .sim also supports the model file format for the SimulationX software application, which is a standard deployment for the valuation of the interaction of every component involved in a technical system. The SimulationX is considered as a universal CAE modeling tool that is equipped with analysis and simulation features for 1D mechanics using model libraries. The usage of the file extension .sim types are the basis for the Driving Force system simulation, which associate validated model components with various industrial partners including research institutions. The .sim file extension supported application's uniqueness lies in its library integration, modeling flexibility and comfort, and its updated front end user program.

Another simulation application of the file extension .sim is found in the Stagecast Creator, which is a mouse device based software application for the generation of visually stimulating games, and simulations that do not require programming skills. The .sim file extension are produced by the version 2 or higher of the program that is characterized by its robust features, games, stories, and interactive simulations among others, that make it a unique product intended to bridge thinking skill and creativity development, which make up two of the more important categories in software production.

The other .sim file extension implementations are seen in the VTune Performance Monitor, which acts by collecting software performance information with a display capability, and as a format associated with the Trace of stolen computers for the PC Finder.


SAP, ITI GmbH, GIGASOFT, Stagecast Software Inc., Intel Corporation

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Applications associated with file extension SIM:

SAP Education, SimulationX, PC Finder, Stagecast Creator, and VTune Performance Monitor

Common Path:

C:\ Program Files\

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