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File Extension SIB

What is File Extension SIB?

File Extension SIB Recommendation:

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File Extension SIB Description:

The SIB file extension is a music score file format of the application Sibelius - a software created for professionals, educators and students who write, educate and learn music through the use of a computer. It is a complete application capable of writing, playing, printing and publishing scores. Musical scores, also known as music notations, is a system that represents audible music through the use of written symbols. The SIB file format's yielding application is also able of converting music scores for different musical instruments.

Musical notations can differ depending on the instrument being used. The application can create a musical notation for a guitar or a violin using the same composition or song. After a musical score or notation for a specific song has already been completed , the software would be then able to read and play encoded musical notations, so as for the user to hear the composition. The SIB file extension's accommodating software can be executed both under Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Every composition generated is saved under the SIB file format. Files of the SIB format can only be created by the Sibelius software or an application which caters to MIDI input. MIDI is a standard protocol that enables computers, electronic musical instruments, and other related equipments to interact, manage and synchronize with one other. It also allows compatible computing devices to control one another and exchange system data.

The SIB file format can be exported as standard MIDI file extension from within Sibelius. Files of the SIB format can only be opened if its catering computer program is installed within the computer system. The SIB file format is an open data structure. A file with the SIB extension created under the Sibelius application can either be already used as the library's final copy or still for further processing and future enhancements.


Sibelius Software Ltd.

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