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File Extension SDC

What is File Extension SDC?

File Extension SDC Recommendation:

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File Extension SDC Description:

The file extension .sdc is applied by two interrelated applications belonging to the StarOffice and OpenOffice productivity suites. The StarOffice suite associated with the file extension .sdc was developed by StarDivision, which was later acquired by Sun Microsystems. The source code associated with the suite, that produced the file extension .sdc, was publicly released in 2000, which prompted the creation of an Open Source free suite that was named

The StarOffice suite became the building block for the freeware productivity suite, which later on became the basis for the succeeding releases of the StarOffice collection, with some minor privately developed add-ons. Both suites associated with the file extension .sdc are functionally equal, having shared the same foundation.

Essentially, the file extension .sdc is specific to the spreadsheet component of both productivity suites, which has the functionality of flexible formatting of cells, rotation of contents, inclusion of backgrounds, insertion of borders, and implementation of templates. The file extension .sdc represents the actual spreadsheet file created by the application native to both suites. The file extension .sdc can be opened from Microsoft Office Excel or from Portable Document, which is a tribute to the program's flexibility and functionality.

The file extension .sdc is actually a cross-platform format that can be used under a Microsoft Windows, or Linux Operating System environment. The file extension .sdc is associated to other program components of the OpenOffice suite, which includes Writer (word processing equivalent of Office Word) and Impress (a presentation application in the mold of Office PowerPoint). The file extension .sdc can be applied in the analysis of statistical data, using built-in calculation functions, and graphical chart relation functionality.

There are three points offered by the OpenOffice suite that boosts its standing as a viable alternative to the commercially available productivity suites, like Microsoft Office. The file extension .sdc productivity suite is based on twenty years of software engineering experience, deployed initially as one software that caters to open development.


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