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File Extension SBK

What is File Extension SBK?

File Extension SBK Recommendation:

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File Extension SBK Description:

The file extension .sbk represents the system book associated with the software program ToolBook, which is described as an instructional assistant development kit that is similar to the Visual Basic environment. It is capable of generating applications that are windows based. The file extension .sbk supports the export function that allows transition to an HTML format document that can be viewed using a Windows browser backed up with HTML, Java, and JavaScript based technologies. The .sbk file extension provides scripts, which are designed to extend the program's functionality, including the addition of extra menu items and the integration of authoring functionalities.

The installation of the ToolBook includes the files PRINTWND, MTB30, and TOOLS30 which are the start up files, as well as the tutorial file TRY all of which carry the .sbk file extension. The deployment of the file extension .sbk is part of the integrated solutions package that allows for the management, implementation, and optimization of talents in achieving better performance within a business environment. The solutions package is classified into the Performance management, Talent management, and the Learning management, where the .sbk file extension is closely associated.

The file extension .sbk is also commonly seen in the implementation of the popular SoundBlaster series of audio cards from the Creative Labs, and is closely associated with the AWE 32 model. The file extension .sbk serves as the format for the bank files, which contains audio samples that are recognized by the audio device and commonly related to the SoundFont format.

The Swatch Book file of the PagePainter program also uses the file extension .sbk as the default format, and is described as a text based file that stores data displayed within the program. The .sbk file extension is accessible from the Microsoft Windows Operating System environment via the launching of its associated application.

Other created file format types that implement the file extension .sbk includes the RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool Superbase, which defined the standards observed by majority of today's development environments. The .sbk file extension also represents the backup file of the Flash animation software solution SWiSH, which is called by the main application in cases where the original file is damaged.


Saltire Media, SumTotal Systems Inc., Superbase Developers plc, Creative Technology Ltd., Pty Ltd

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Applications associated with file extension SBK:

Asymetrics ToolBook, SoundBlaster AWE, PagePainter, Superbase, SWiSH

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