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File Extension RES

What is File Extension RES?

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File Extension RES Description:

A file with the .res file extension stores images, sounds, data, videos, or any file type that can be stored inside it. This file is like a suitcase where stuff can be put and kept inside and can be retrieved easily when needed.

The RES file extension is compiled right into the EXE, DLL, OCX, etc. when you compile a project. As a result, it is easy to access the contents of a file with the .res file extension. However, since these files are Read-Only, they are compiled larger than the size of the original file because of the additional contents added to make it a resource file.

In addition, bitmaps and other compressible files added to a file with the .res file extension cannot be compressed when the project is compiled. Thus, the use of JPG, PNG or other compressed format is highly recommended when storing files in a file with the .res file extension.

The use of files with the .res file extension is ideal for consolidating all your images into a single file so that you can avoid cluttering your hard drive with bunch of extra files. They are also best for organizing your images rather than embedding them onto a form in your project.

Files with the .res file extension give you extra protection and security since they cannot be retrieved externally (unless decompiled). It is also much easier and faster to load images, sound, or other type of file from a file with the .re file extension within your project rather than loading them from a single file. This is because when you load a file with the .res file extension; all its contents are loaded into the RAM (Random Access Memory) so that retrieving a single file is a matter of grabbing a pointer to it in the RAM.

A file with the .res file extension can contain many types of resources where each resource is associated to a specific language. By using a Resource Reader, this file can actually be iterated over and opened to retrieve the resources it contains. The Reader is only familiar with the subset of the actual resource types found in the file with the .res file extension such as the String, Bitmap, Cursor, and Icon. All the rest are read as Byte arrays.

Iterating though the resources of a file with the .res file extension is not complicated. The so-called DictionaryEntry object do not have the direct resource itself, however, a Win32 Resource object containing other details pertaining to the resource as well as the file with the .res file extension itself.


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Visual Basic, Resource Reader, C, C++

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