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File Extension PUB

What is File Extension PUB?

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File Extension PUB Description:

The file extension .pub is commonly associated with two of the more popular Desktop Publishing (DTP) programs used in the computer industry today; the Microsoft Office Publisher and the Corel Ventura Publisher. The file extension .pub represents the documents created by any of these two DTP software packages, which are usually utilized in the creation of personalized materials used in publication and product marketing.

The Office Publisher that produces the file extension .pub, is characterized by advanced tools that assists in the efficient creation and recycling of marketing materials, usually tailor fitted for a specific enterprise. It possesses new features like capabilities for E-mail, Mail Merge and even Catalog Merge that allows for the easy distribution and sharing of materials created with the .pub file extension. The file extension .pub can effectively handle all types of vector and raster graphics, which are incorporated into various presentation materials like flyers, newsletters, catalogs, and more.

The Corel Ventura Publisher, which also applies the .pub file extension to its finished documents, was initially named Ventura Publisher. It became one of the more popular DTP packages during the DOS environment era. The program, which uses the file extension .pub, has undergone some major revisions including transfer from various named corporations, until it was finally acquired by Corel Corporation and released under its present trade name. The file extension .pub can cater to various text and line editing functionalities, which can be interfaced with a wide array of graphics and word processing programs.

In the context of the file extension .pub as created by the Ventura Publisher, the text that is incorporated into the material is not stored within the .pub file extension, but instead; is called from and saved in the original document created by the associated word processing program like WordStar, Microsoft Word and WordPerfect, keeping the format native to the application. This allows the stripping down of the file size of the file extension .pub, because it only references any text in the document rather than storing it, which also translates to more flexibility for the user, because he retains the option of the word processing program to implement.

The Ventura Publisher application, which caters to the file extension .pub, also pioneered the idea of implicit underlying page frames, including style sheet with a specific degree of consistency supported by free flowing text, inherent XML and HTML codes, and also paragraph tagging. Main advantages of the .pub file extension producing application include exceptional response time, consistency of output, and ability to handle various printer types.

The file extension .pub can also be seen as the source file for the multimedia program NeoBook; the public keys implemented by the encryption program PGP; and as the data file for one of the more popular computer games in the market today, The Sims.


Microsoft Corporation, Corel Corporation, NeoSoft Corp., PGP Corporation, Electronic Arts Inc.,

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Applications associated with file extension PUB:

Microsoft Office Publisher, Corel Ventura, NeoBook, PGP, The Sims

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C:\ Program Files\

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