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File Extension PRN

What is File Extension PRN?

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File Extension PRN Description:

The PRN file extension contains instructions for the printer enabling the printer to identify, on the actual page, what and where it can print, as well as which is the right paper tray it can utilize and what would be the paper size, plus a good number of various other controls.

Files with the .prn file extension are created by the printer driver, which translates the generic output from an application into something the printer can understand and interpret. They allow reprinting the document without running the original application that created the file.

There are two main formats that file with the .prn file extension use; these are the PostScript and the Printer Command Language (PCL). PostScript is considered to be a full pledged page description programming language utilized for high-volume printers or typesetting equipment as well as optionally on many mid size devices offering flexibilities of extraordinary levels for the actual printing process. PostScript files with the .prn file extension can be easily converted to PDF files by using Adobe Acrobat Creator.

On the other hand, PCL offers much simpler file format and much better performance but less functionality than PostScript in its early versions. However, its creator, Hewlett Packard, substantially developed PCL offering most of the PostScript functionalities. The current PCL files with the .prn file extension are virtually supported on all laser printers.

There are numerous other assigned PRN file extension formats most of these are quite specific to particular printer types like old school dot style matrix printers or ink jet devices that have low volume.

Files with the .prn file extension can be captured in a straight forward manner by simply choosing the "Print to file" option when the normal print dialog is opened or by sending it to a print queue at the command prompt such as:

Copy filename.prn// computername/ printersharename

The same bytes of data contained in the files with the .prn file extension when printed with the "print to file" option are the same bytes of data sent to the selected printer when printed to a print queue.


Hewlett Packard

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HP Printer Control Language, PostScript

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