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File Extension PRJ

What is File Extension PRJ?

File Extension PRJ Recommendation:

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File Extension PRJ Description:

Files with the PRJ file extension are affiliated with several various software titles. The PRJ file extension is a project file and is created, opened, and edited with the software that was used to create the file. Although the file extensions are the same, the programs that create project files are not compatible with each other; they are not inter-operable.

In general, The PRJ file extensions can store:

* documentation

* models

* movies

* library templates

* symbols

* line types

* map distances

* map bearings

* horizontal offsets

* vertical offsets

* terrain data

* custom labels

* text and comments

* common image file support (jpg, jpeg, bmp, and the like)

The application 3ds Max can create files in the PRJ extension. The 3ds Max suite is one of the most widely used 3D programs. The PRJ file extension, when used this way, can store highly detailed models with flexible capabilities. It is used often by video game creators and developers, because of the availability of professional features like shaders, simulations, map rendering, and illumination on objects to name a few.

Another example of a program that utilizes the PRJ file extension is RoadEng, a program developed for creating terrain maps. In this scenario, the PRJ file extensions store terrain data with easy to use features on the RoadEng interface. Among these features is visual feedback on 3D displays, tool tips, and it can even process survey and GPS data. One notable feature of the PRJ file extension is its capability to be added onto Google Earth. The maps stored in the PRJ file extension can be cropped and easily be overlaid onto existing maps (like an update of the area,) and be shared on Google Earth's interface.

Grading functions on the PRJ file extension are also available. When rendered this way, data is displayed in its 3D form and projected onto a defined topography. The PRJ file extension is very useful for the construction of pads, small ponds, camping areas, logging areas, traffic intersections, bridges, etc.


Autodesk, Softree

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Applications associated with file extension PRJ:

3ds Max, RoadEng

Common Path:

C:\ Program Files\

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