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File Extension PM5

What is File Extension PM5?

File Extension PM5 Recommendation:

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File Extension PM5 Description:

Aldus PageMaker, the page layout software that did not only introduce desktop publishing in 1985, but also generated an entire industry for clip arts, fonts, scanning services, and specialty products for laser printing. Aldus Corporation originally developed it for the Apple Macintosh computers. It continued to evolve with version 4.2 which had such vital features such as text rotation and story editor. It reached new heights with version 5.0 when it added some powerful features as color separation.

The file extension PM5 is the file that results from the Adobe PageMaker Version 5.0 publications. These files can be simple one-page flyers to complex reports, can be from scratch or can be from hundreds of pre-designed templates that can be modified to suit your needs.

A typical file with the .pm5 file extension consists of a template and style specifications. The template can be created in two locations: one in the Page Setup dialog box and the other on the master pages. The dialog box starts with the creation of a rough template where you can retain the default values of the design or create you own and set the preferences for the start page, options (whether your publication will be double sided or single and whether it will be displayed facing pages on the screen), numbers (Roman or Arabic numerals or alphabetical pagination) and the target printer resolution.

The master pages are finished with columns, guides, folios, and headers. When creating your publication, you need a wider column for text and a narrow column for graphics and captions. The guides facilitate the positioning of the objects where the text of the new chapter begins and where the folios and headers will be placed. Page numbers differs from page to page, thus it is not advisable to put actual numbers on the master pages because code that will automatically generate page numbers can be used instead.

Files with the .pm5 file extension can be saved as template so that it can be preserved as such. PageMaker itself promotes the separation of the file with the .pm5 file extension from that of the publication by opening in default value not the original template, but a copy of it. The title bar presents your publication as an untitled file up to the time you save it as a file with the .pm5 file extension in the appropriate location and under a name which distinguishes it from your template.

Older versions of PageMaker cannot create and read files with the .pm5 file extension. However, the Publication Converter can convert other types of files into the PM5 file extension format.


Aldus Corporation

Author URL:

Applications associated with file extension PM5:

PageMaker 5.0

Common Path:

C:\ Program Files

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