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File Extension PKG

What is File Extension PKG?

File Extension PKG Recommendation:

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File Extension PKG Description:

The PKG file extension identifies the installer package files of the Mac operating system. The files with the .pkg file extension are executable files that can be installed individually or can be referenced by an installer script included with the software.

To execute, the files with the .pkg file extension can be double-clicked to show the installer package contents stored in the package. The installer extracts and installs the files out of the files with the .pkg file extension, which helps software developers to create uniform software installer as the information of these files can be customized in the way users want it to be presented.

Files with the .pkg file extension can be made to display the welcome message, customized on how the software license is presented, and how the Read Me can be viewed. They handle authentication and checking processes in case the packages are still valid prior to installing them. They also enable the developers to have custom scripts run at a number of points during the actual installation process in which the scripts contain a version of command line situated at /usr/sbin/installer.

The installer command contained in the files with the .pkg file extension specifies domain or volume. It installs a single type of package for every invocation, which is specified with the package parameter -pkg. It can be a single package or a metapackage. Metapackages are part of the default installation unless disqualified by the checking tools of the package.

The intended volume is specified with the -target parameter -tgt, which is already mounted once there is an invoking of the installer's command. For the installation of the system software, the intended volume should be different from the one currently running the booted system.

The installer command requires at least "admin" privileges to run. If a certain package necessitates authentication, the installer should be running as a type of root or it should be along with the assigned sudo (8) command. It is not responsible for actually rebooting the entire machine after the installation. Use shutdown(8) or reboot(8)-r now to reboot the system.

Associated Application: Mac operating system


Apple Inc.

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C:\ Program Files

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