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File Extension PKA

What is File Extension PKA?

File Extension PKA Recommendation:

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File Extension PKA Description:

The PKA file extension is among the file extensions identifying a compressed archive file. But this file extension particularly works for the PKZIP archiving tool made by Phil Katz. The PKZIP application is among the earliest archiving tools available, making the PKA file extension also among the earliest formats of a compressed archive.

There were many versions of the PKZIP archiving tool and all of these have the PKA file extension to name their compressed archive. Some of these versions are PKZIP 0.9, PKZIP 1.0, PKZIP 1.1, PKZIP 2.0, PKZIP 2.06, PKZIP 4.0, PKZIP 8.0, and PKZIP 10. Although created earlier than the commonly used file compressor, the PKA file extension still works similarly to the modern-day compressed fie formats.

The general idea of creating this file extension is to reduce the repetitiveness of the codes of the compressed files. Since the instructions in most files are repetitive, the PKZIP will just reduce the repetition to make the file smaller. Of course, to identify the compressed files as a compressed archive, they should have a distinct file format, which is given by the PKA file extension. This way, the file will be read as a compressed file of the PKZIP, and therefore can be decompressed using a compatible application to this.

Moreover, the PKA file extension is also working as a file for the 3D Keyframe animation of PointLineCAD. This is a computer-aided design application, which specializes in architecture, carpentry, interior construction, exhibition of stand construction, and stove construction. The PKA file extension identifies a certain drawing that can define the starting points, as well as the ending point of a smooth transition. But the file extension does not work to all the drawing files created with the PointLineCAD. The two-dimensional drawings will not be found with this file extension. Only three-dimensional files can be named with the PKA file extension.


PKWARE, Inc., Point Line, Inc.

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