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File Extension PFS

What is File Extension PFS?

File Extension PFS Recommendation:

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File Extension PFS Description:

The PFS file extension is the same as pfs: File Database or pfs: Write Text. The PFS file extension is appended to files or databases made in the pfs:Write program. This is a program in the category of word processing applications that is used for both Apple II system and DOS system. Features of the pfs: Write program include spell checking, automatic word wrapping, copy and paste functionality, boldfacing, and underlining of the parts of the text files made with it.

The pfs: Write program is included in the office suite development under the name pfs. Other office development tools included in the suite are the pfs:Report, pfs:Graph, pfs:Plan, and the pfs:File. The pfs:File is the produce of the office suite that also uses the PFS file extension, and it still being used by the application pfs: Write, after it has been repackaged as the pfs:Professional Write.

A software package called the PFSTools was also developed for creating and manipulating files with the .pfs file extensions. All types of formats of the database file in the PFS file extension can be manipulated with the software package PFSTools.

The software package PFSTools, which uses the PFS file extension, is a collection of command line programs used for manipulating, writing and reading HDR or high dynamic range images and video frames. It also implements the OpenGL and Qt HDR image viewers. The PFSTools application may be effectively incorporated with the matlab or GNU Octave so it may function as a toolbox used for writing and reading HDR images.

Every program in the PFSTools software package swap image data by utilizing unix pipes and the PFS file extension, which in this context, is a generic image format for HDR. However, the PFS file extension is not merely a format used to store HDR images; rather, it is an alternative effort for incorporating the present image formats for HDR images, by offering an uncomplicated interface to swap information between applications.


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