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File Extension PCT

What is File Extension PCT?

File Extension PCT Recommendation:

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File Extension PCT Description:

The file extension .pct was first created exclusively for Macintosh operating systems. However, because of the format's utility under Windows operating systems, applications implementing the .pct file format were permitted later to run in Windows operating systems, replacing the .pct file's exclusivity to Macintosh computers with another file extension. In Windows and Macintosh OS, the .pct file extension renders a storing function for image files and illustrating applications. The programs that utilize the PCT extension include Adobe Photoshop, Apple Preview, Clipart ClarisWorks, Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing, Honeywell GUS Display Builder and any image viewer with PICT support.

Any picture viewing library within the system, even by the Windows default image viewer, can load the PCT format. Due to the change that has been made in the shift to Windows, the .pct module has several versions, namely, the edition that was made exclusive for Macintosh and the other edition designed for Windows computers. Aside from the platform difference, the said versions also have distinct image bit values on which the variation of colors depends.

Despite the platform switch, files of the .pct format on Windows can still be loaded under Apple units since the said device is the pioneer machine that used the said format. However, early image files with the .pct extension created on a Macintosh device cannot be opened under a Windows platform.

The latter version of the said file format, aside from the improved resolution and bit distribution, also has a more varied and open operation, making the file invulnerable to platform changes. Display creators and illustration developing applications of all complexity levels are capable of recognizing, modifying and loading the .pct file extension.


Macintosh/Apple Inc.

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Applications associated with file extension PCT:

Apple Preview, Adobe Photoshop, Clipart ClarisWorks, Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing, Honeywell GUS Display Builder, Any image viewer with PICT support

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