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File Extension PCH

What is File Extension PCH?

File Extension PCH Recommendation:

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File Extension PCH Description:

Microsoft Visual Studio uses The PCH file extension. Visual Studio contains a set of tools and processes that are used to build programs from source code written in programming languages. It can be used to create GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces), consoles, web sites, Windows Forms tools, web applications and web service functions. The program can support several programming languages such as C, C++, VB.NET, and C#. The program includes a code editor, a debugger, a designer for GUI software, class designer for creating object blueprints, a designer for database structures and a web designer. There are also several add-ons and plug-ins available that can be added to the program to provide additional functions. The program has language specific versions, particularly Microsoft Visual C++.

The Microsoft Visual C++ version of the program is a compiler program for the languages C and C++. Compilers are used to create source code files out of written program script. The program includes all the tools of the generic program, except they are specifically designed for the C and C++ programming language. This version of the program uses the PCH file extension. The file extension .pch is attached to header files. Header files with the .pch file extension are attached to source code files that are compiled by the program. Source code files contain programming scripts, which are used to create processes or objects. Source code files can then be run by a debugger program to check for errors in the script, linked together to form a library, DLL (Dynamic Link Library) or an executable file.

Files with the PCH file extension tell other software development programs what resources the source code file needs. The PCH file extension is used to store descriptions of the process stored in the source code it is attached to. These files are also written in either the C or C++ programming language.

The Pixeur program also uses the PCH file extension. The program is used to check and identify all the colors in a computer screen. The software identifies the Hex, Long, RGB and Color Value of any hue. Pixeur can also store the history of all the colors selected by the user. These colors are stored in files with the PCH file extension. These files are called Pixeur Color History files.


Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Visual Studio), Veign (Pixeur)

Author URL: (Microsoft Visual Studio), (Pixeur)

Applications associated with file extension PCH:

Microsoft Visual Studio C++, Pixeur

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