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File Extension PCB

What is File Extension PCB?

File Extension PCB Recommendation:

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File Extension PCB Description:

The .pcb file extension is a Printed Circuit Board File, which used by Protel and can be read by CAMCAD. The .pcb file extension is written in ASCII. When the PCB file is created through Protel, the user must first enter the filename of the file with the .pcb file extension, choose Protel Text option in the Save As dialog box of Protel, then save it.

For the Microsoft PowerPoint application, the .pcb file extension is used to store the changes made to the toolbars and menus of the program. The filename for every version of Microsoft PowerPoint is different, where in the filename PPT.pcb is for Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, the PPT10.pcb is for Microsoft PowerPoint 2002, and PPT11.pcb is for Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.

Toolbars in PowerPoint includes menus, buttons or a combination of the two, which offers an easy access for the users. A special toolbar or the Menu Bar is located on top of the screen, and has menus like File, Edit, View, Help, and the like. Once changes are made, such as removal of a toolbar or adding a new toolbar, the changes or information is recorded in the .pcb file extension.

The Menu bar can be customized similarly to customizing any toolbar that is built-in. The .pcb file extension can be copied to other computer systems to be used by the PowerPoint installed in it. If the user plans to uninstall the PCB file, he can copy it in a storage media and restore it again in its original location after PowerPoint is re-installed. The user can remove/delete the .pcb file extension and when there are new changes made, a new PCB file is automatically created.

The software package The PrintShop refers to the .pcb file extension as a business card. The .pcb file extension can contain images like logos, texts and the like. Business cards contain mainly a contact number for a company or an individual. The PrintShop application lets the user create his own business card either from scratch, or he can choose from the templates included in the software package.


Router Solutions Inc., Microsoft Corporation, and Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited

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Applications associated with file extension PCB:

CAMCAD, Microsoft PowerPoint, The PrintShop

Common Path:

User-defined, C:\ Documents and Settings\ username \Application Data\ Microsoft\ Office\

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