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File Extension PBO

What is File Extension PBO?

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File Extension PBO Description:

ArmA, short for Armed Assault, is a first person tactical military shooting game that has essential elements of simulation and realism. It features a combination of extensive military conflict over large areas along with the more closed battle where the players find themselves pushed in the center of engaging storyline, fighting against aggressive enemies who continually provide challenges over massive landscapes.

In ArmA, there are three forms of mission files such as the wizard missions created by the ArmA mission wizard whose files actually end with the file extension ARMAWIZARDMISSION, the editable missions that contain several files and subfolders that end with the either SARA or INTRO file extension, and the compressed version of the editable missions folders that end with the PBO file extension.

Mission Editor uses the file extension PBO for its output files when exporting. These output files, which originally meant, "packed bank of files", were later represented in a single package called "mission". Anything that you make in the folder, whether it is a mission, a campaign or an add-on, can be easily put together into a single file that ends with the PBO file extension.

Files with the .pbo file extension are not editable themselves. They require a third-party utility to recreate the original editable mission folder. The engine internally expands any file with the .pbo file extension back out to its original tree-folder form to do this. Moreover, the engine works with the corresponding non-PBO versions of missions or campaigns, but not the add-ons, which have to be in PBO, file extension format to be used by the engine.

In addition to simply packaging all files and folders in a tree into a single file, some of the files with the .pbo file extension can be compressed. The objective behind their compression is to reduce hard disk storage and Internet use.

The file with the .pbo file extension typically contains a header with adjacent file name structure, an adjoining data block, and a checksum file or signature key. The header identifies every data contained in the file with the .pbo file extension - its file size, file name, file date, whether it is in the data block, and whether it is compressed or not. Each data are recorded in the header referred to as an entry.


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