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File Extension PAT

What is File Extension PAT?

File Extension PAT Recommendation:

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File Extension PAT Description:

Files with the .pat file extension are described as a pattern file for several graphic programs that can be imported and utilized as a bitmap image. It is basically used for the user to have a guide, in either creating an image or designing. For a specific application known as the The Palace Authoring Tool, the .pat file extension is described as a Palace configuration file. It is a web-based tool that is stand alone, which helps the users manipulate the .pat file extension used in creating chat rooms that are graphical, and are referred to as palaces.

The user will be able to make changes on the doors, scripts, and spots, add rooms in the Palace, delete or add images, and display the changes made before The Palace can be published. When your web browser launches the tool, it will look for preferences file that are valid for the server that indicates a legitimate .pat file extension. But if the tool is not able to look for a valid preferences file, it will open having a blank state, or the user can load a specific file with the .pat file extension.

The tool basically functions by manipulating files with .pat file extension. The PAT files saves information about Palace doors such information is ID, determining the entry point in the Palace or layout and hotspots, or every door the user have. The user is able to choose different PAT files through the Preferences option located on the control panel of the server. From the web page Palace Site Server, the user is able to choose templates that he can manipulate or work on.

To undo the changes made to the .pat file extension the user must not save the PAT file; rather, he needs to click the Open command and simply reopen the PAT file, it will then still have its original look. Aside from creating and manipulating doors, the tool also provides a way for the user to create backdrop images, and assigning navigational areas to the rooms that can have scripts that are optional.

Corel Corporation, Time Warner Interactive,


Adobe Systems Incorporated, ACD Systems

Author URL:,

Applications associated with file extension PAT:

Adobe Photoshop, ACD Canvas, Corel Paint Shop Pro, CorelDRAW, The Palace Authoring Tool

Common Path:

\ palaceserver\ palace\ psdata\ or User-defined

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