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File Extension PAK

What is File Extension PAK?

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File Extension PAK Description:

The PAK file extension is one way of organizing all your game related media files into a single file. It provides an easier solution to distribute your application and apply a degree of protection to your individual files.

The PAK file extension has a simple format consisting of an uncrypted file header, a file table which contains information on each file added to the PAK file extension and then each actual file is concatenated together at the end. The file-table as well as the included data of the files with the .pak file extension is encrypted.

The PAK file extension can be created by using the Create() method, which really starts when it calls the function GenerateHFT(). This function fills in the header structure, adds the version number, signature, etc., add a few random results needed for the uniqe ID, cipher value, as well as cipher direction, then looks at the specified compilation directory and parses it file by file.

With every file found in the directory, a new sFileTableEntry() node is created, fills in the filename and file size variables with an offset value that is on default and actually adds this onto the related list file-table. With each file found, a counter is incremented. Once the process is done, the variable of the dwNumFTEntries on the so-called header structure will be assimilated together with the counter.

The following stage is by calling the WorkOutOffsets function. The initial file offset will then be calculated by the file-table' head entry so that it can become the member variable value and the size of the file is then added to the offset. It is then a case of iterating via the other entries of the file table and taking out the offset value merely for its member variable and then adding on the particular file sizes.

At this stage, the header and file table for the PAK file extension are completely filled in. An actual file stream can now be opened utilizing the secondary supplied parameter meant for Create(), as well as to write a header that is still unencrypted. Once this is done, the file stream is closed and the current variables are set to the head of the linked list file-table again. Then two assigned file streams should be opened: one is for the capability to write for the PAK file extension and one for reading in each file to be added. These will be used in conjunction with each other.

The PAK file extension's position is then set according to the value of the dwOffset stored into the present member variable of the file entries. Read in a BYTE at a time from the input stream, encrypt it using the Caesar cipher and output it in to the PAK file extension using the write stream.


Raymond Wilson

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Dune 2, Final Fantasy VIII, Half Life

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