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File Extension MRK

What is File Extension MRK?

File Extension MRK Recommendation:

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File Extension MRK Description:

The MRK file extension identifies annotated files generated by Brava!, an imaging tool for viewing, annotating, redacting, saving, comparing and printing of markup files. Markups permit you to make comments on the document without changing the document itself. When the symbol (!) is seen, this means that a markup exists on the document.

All markup entries are saved in the file with the .mrk file extension. For each file, there can be more than one author because a new layer is created automatically for each author allowing them to view the annotations created by other authors. This file can either be overlaid or editable. Overlaid markups are those that can be reviewed but cannot be edited, whereas editable markups are those currently in progress or in active state.

Files with the .mrk file extension can be created or edited using the markup properties toolbar, either manually or to a group of entities such as the highlights for drawing translucent shapes, the scratchout for putting zigzag line patterns, the sketch and sketch poly for drawing freehand shapes, the cloud for drawing polyclouds, the crossouts for placing X over an area of the image, and many more.

Also one of these entities is the Blockout for Redaction entity that allows you to put a rectangular cover on the most sensitive part of the document, blocking it from being searched, viewed, or copied. This entity, however, only blocks information when the file with the .mrk file extension is published to a PDF file. This redaction capability also clears out raster image information but not the vector data and the associated block attributes the file contains.

Files with the .mrk file extension that contains the blockout for redaction entity can be burned in for the purpose of redaction. The redaction permits any of these blockout entities to be pre-processed so they cannot be searched, viewed or copied. On the other hand, files that do not contain these blockout entities can be burned in only for the purpose of viewing.

The color and font of any file with the .mrk file extension can also be changed using the 16 predefined colors in the markup palette. Each markup can have different colors, which can be changed anytime. The name, size, and style of its font can be changed using the markup text font dialog box.


Informative Graphics Corporation

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C:\ Program Files

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