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File Extension MOBI

What is File Extension MOBI?

File Extension MOBI Recommendation:

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File Extension MOBI Description:

The MOBI file extension is a binary file format for the distribution and implementation of the Open eBook Publication format with a number of propriety extensions. The eBook format is based on Open eBook standard using Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) and supports native Structured Query Language (SQL) queries that are used with embedded databases. The format was originally an extension of the PalmDOC format that adds certain HTML like tags to the data. Many of the files with the .mobi file extension still use this form.

The MobiPocket reader is a universal reader for PDAs and is especially designed for reading eBooks. It contains publishing and reading tools dedicated to PDA and Smartpone devices such as Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Psion, Blackberry and Symbian.

The file extension MOBI is one of the two file formats used and supported by the MobiPocket Reader. The other one is the PRC file extension. The file extension can be changed to either of these accepted formats.

When used on Palm based operating systems, which only support the file extensions PRC and PDB, the MOBI file extension can be changed to PRC file extension without any change in its format. The MobiPocket reader installed in Palm will be able to read the said file without hassles. has bought MobiPocket in 2005 and the AZW format of Amazon Kindle is basically just a MOBI format with a slightly different serial number scheme. It uses the asterisk rather than the dollar sign in the files with .mobi file extension.

Files with the .mobi file extension include Digital Rights Management (DRM) intended to enforce restriction on the user. The idea is to protect the author and the publisher of eBooks and other electronic media from pirating and illegal activities. The DRM of the file with .mobi file extension relies on the Personal Digital Assistant's (PDA) hardware serial number.

One of the ways to create eBooks in the MOBI file extension format is to use the recommended tool called the MobiPocket Creator and follow the following guidelines when creating the book in the MOBI file extension format:

* Use only generic font families and not default font family, font size or other font attributes such as weight or color because this is the choice the person reading the eBook. Fonts sizes and attributes can be specified only for special headings and other specific items.

* No justification for standard text can be imposed because they are needed only for captions and other special text.

* No tables can be used except table data.

* No blank lines can be used so as to force page changes. Use the tag <mbp:pagebreak/>.

* No multiple books can be used for different devices; rather advanced features such as multi resolution images and platform specific frames can be used.



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MobiPocket Reader, MobiPocet Creator, Palm OS

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