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File Extension MEM

What is File Extension MEM?

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File Extension MEM Description:

The most common implementation of the file extension .mem can be seen in the WordPerfect word processing program, in relation to its macro command features. The file extension .mem is specifically described as the format used by the Macro Editor of the program, which allows the user to edit predefined macros and customize it for his preference.

The macro feature, supported by the file extension .mem, allows for the simplification of commonly used commands, including the easy implementation of normally repeated tasks within the word processor. WordPerfect was established as the de facto word processing application of the 1980s up to the early part of the 1990s, primarily because of its excellent user centered features like the macro editor, which eliminates the complexity in using word processing softwares.

The file extension .mem is also utilized under the development environment of Microsoft FoxPro, in relation to its memory variables. The .mem file extension explicitly functions as a container for the saved memory variables, required in a FoxPro project that is invoked by the programming language's data structure.

The file extension .mem stores not only programming variables, but arrays as well, which is more for the purpose of backup, rather than actual usage within the coding. The file extension .mem information contents are invoked by the developer with the use of the RESTORE FROM instruction set, which will read the contents of the file allowing their utilization.

From a macro file to a memory variable storage, the .mem file extension can also function as a memo file in relation to the Clarion DOS program, which uses the format in association with its database. The file extension .mem is usually produced together with the DAT format, that references the key files using the K## format, wherein the ## signs represents integers. The K## format associated with the file extension .mem are transformed into indexes, which are incorporated with the information.

The indexes of the program are automatically generated; however, there are instances wherein the Clarion Professional Developer is required in order to rebuild files, which are missing, and indexes that were not generated. The .mem file extension related program, Clarion DOS, runs under the MS-DOS environment and requires the presence of the index file to effectively access it databases.

Other usage of the file extension .mem includes storage of sampler functions, parameters, objects and vendor data, for numerous other productivity software applications.


ALCATech, SoftVelocity, FANUC Robotics, Microsoft Corporation, Medlin Accounting, Mioplanet, Corel Corporation

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Applications associated with file extension MEM:

BPM Studio, Clarion, Fanuc, Visual FoxPro, Payroll Software, Mio Engine, and WordPerfect

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