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File Extension MAN

What is File Extension MAN?

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File Extension MAN Description:

The file extension MAN is the container for the manual pages, or man pages, of UNIX systems. Files with the .man file extension contain extensive documentation where in each page is a self-contained document.

The manual pages of the files with the .man file extension, within the BSD UNIX and Linux systems, are basically divided via eight specifically numbered sections that are organized in a particular manner listed below:

Section 1 General commands

Section 2 System calls

Section 3 C library functions

Section 4 Special files and drivers

Section 5 File formats and conventions

Section 6 Games and screensavers

Section 7 Miscellanea

Section 8 System administration daemons and commands

In UNIX System V, files with the .man file extension use the same numbering scheme, with exceptions including Section 4 for File formats, Section 5 for Miscellany, and Section 7 for special files. Additionally, there are files with the .man file extension included on some UNIX systems with the following sections:

Section 0 C library header files

Section 9 Kernel routines

Section n Tcl/Tk keywords

Section x X Window System

Each section within the manual pages of the files with the .man file extension is further subdivided through the use of a suffix letter. There are also suffixes for subsections, which have a general meaning across sections such as: p for POSIX specifications, and x for X Windows System documentation.

All the manual pages contained with the file extension MAN follow a usual layout optimized for the presentation via the use of an ordinary ASCII kind of text display. The following is a list of entries included in the layout of man pages within the files with the .man file extension:

* SYNOPSIS - a formal description of the method of running a command and what command line alternative it takes

* NAME - the name of the function or the command followed by a one-line description

* DESCRIPTION - description of the command or function represented by a textual display

* EXAMPLES - examples of common usages of the command or functions

* SEE ALSO - a roster of related functions or commands.


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