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File Extension LIC

What is File Extension LIC?

File Extension LIC Recommendation:

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File Extension LIC Description:

Files with the .lic file extension are considered license files that contain registration information for diverse software programs. These files are referenced by certain applications. They are not meant to be opened manually, because modifications might prevent the associate applications from functioning properly, but can nevertheless be opened by basic text editors like notepad.

The LIC file extension can be commonly encountered when using shareware programs that are created by users registering their software with a certain company. Shareware programs allow users to access a specific product within a set trial period. Many shareware programs disable certain features in the trial version, and require users to register or pay for the software in order to use the full version. The LIC file extension makes it possible for a license file to contain the system hosted, and its respective license key.

License providers in the .NET Framework look for the LIC file extension in the hard disk, during design time for licensed classes. The license will be converted into a license key, and embedded into the executing assembly during runtime. The command line tool LC.exe (License Compiler) or Visual Studio, handles the creation of runtime license keys.

In Visual Studio, the licensing.licensedclass.lic file is the design time license that the LicFileLicenseProvider looks for. The file is placed in the bin directory, because the LicFileLicenseProvider looks for the LIC file extension in the same directory, as the assembly containing the licensed class. If the .lic file is opened, the string "Licensing. LicensedClass is a licensed component" will appear, which is what the LicFileLicenseProvider needs from the .lic file extension.

Files with the .lic file extension usually begin with a server line, followed by the vendor line/s, then the feature or increment line/s. The .lic files are created by the software vendor to identify concurrent or floating usage, counted and uncounted node-locked, or a combination of everything. A floating license allows anyone on a network to use a specific application, while node-lock enables the software to be used on only one machine or a set of machines.


Microsoft Corporation, Autodesk, Inc., GEOSLOPE Intl. Ltd., CISCO Systems Inc.

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Applications associated with file extension LIC:

Microsoft .NET, AutoCAD, GEO-SLOPE, Cisco EMF, MS Windows OS, Notepad, and a vast number of other commercial and shareware software

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