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File Extension LCN

What is File Extension LCN?

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File Extension LCN Description:

WordPerfect was one of the earliest fully functioning word processors. Early development on the program was done by Bruce Bastian and Dr. Alan Ashton. The program was later developed and distributed by the WordPerfect Corporation. Current versions of the application are being developed and distributed by the Corel Corporation, often as a part of the WordPerfect program suite.

Three things make WordPerfect unique as a word processing program:

1. A streaming code structure which predates HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This means the program creates documents which are formatted by using tags. The code appears as a continuous stream which punctuates the actual text.

2. The program's Reveal Codes feature that allows users to see the tags used to format the text. This allows users to tweak and modify the documents from the most basic level of its formatting. Users can view the tags used to modify the document and change it.

3. PerfectScript, the application's macro language. This allows users to create the macros and shortcuts which will automate the tasks and commands already in the program. Users can create macros for the commands they often use, allowing them to make their common formatting commands easier.

As a word processor, WordPerfect has all the common features used in creating and editing documents. The program can insert graphics, charts and other icons into the text. There are also a number of style and appearance options that can be used to change the look of a document. Users can also check the text to make sure that there are no grammatical or punctuation errors in the text they've written.

Files with the .lcn file extension are used to store dictionary entries. These files are considered resource files by WordPerfect. They are included once the program is installed. Files with the file extension LCN can contain dictionary entries in different languages. Dictionary entries with the .lcn file extensions are used when checking the document for the correct spelling of words that were written either in English or other languages.

If the user enables the program to mark misspelled words as they are being typed, WordPerfect also uses files with the file extension .lcn to check for mistakes. Files with the LCN file extension contain the correct spelling, meaning, use and context of words. These are used to give users suggestions on correct spelling as well as to alert them of errors.


Bruce Bastian and Dr. Alan Ashton

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