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File Extension IWA

What is File Extension IWA?

File Extension IWA Recommendation:

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File Extension IWA Description:

text files created by the IBM Writing Assistant application use IWA file extension. A text file is a file that holds simple words and text with minimal formatting and no support for images or tables. The term is often used synonymously for files, which are made up of ASCII characters. ASCII characters are made up of one byte each. These characters are based on the English alphabet. It is a generally used character set that can be read by most text editors.

IBM Writing Assistant is a DOS Word Processor application. The program is no longer produced by IBM (International Business Machines). IBM PCs used to run exclusively on the Disk Operating System. IBM was searching for a platform that can be used with their line of personal computers similar to the CP/M (Control Program/ (for) Microcomputers) by Digital Research. Microsoft's version was renamed MS-DOS while IBM developed its own PC-DOS variant. During that time, all programs written for IBM PCs had to be compatible with the DOS platform.

The IBM Writing Assistant program was developed based on the PFS Write application. PFS Write was another word processor previously developed and distributed for the IBM PC. The Writing Assistant program was included as a part of the IBM Assistant Series. This program suite was created to provide users with general office tools. Aside from the word processor, the suite included:

1. Filing Assistant

2. Reporting Assistant

3. Graphing Assistant

4. PlanningAssistant

IBM Writing Assistant uses the .iwa file extension as the default for the text files it creates. Files with the IWA file extension contain documents created by the user. The software was also developed to work seamlessly with other applications in the Assistant series. Names and addresses from the IBM Filing Assistant can be imported to files with the IWA file extension. Files with the file extension .iwa can also contain graphs from the IBM Graphing Assistant.

The IBM Writing Assistant can only edit text files with the IWA file extension. There are file converters available online that can convert this format. Files with the file extension .iwa can be stored in the system or printed out.



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