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File Extension IO

What is File Extension IO?

File Extension IO Recommendation:

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File Extension IO Description:

The archiving and compressing tool CPIO creates the file extension .io, which is associated with the format that was initially designed as a tape archiving tool. It was a component of PWB/UNIX that generated the file extension .io, and later on adopted into the UNIX System III and System V Operating System platforms. The software application utility continues to be an integral component of the RPM Package Manager, which makes the file extension .io a valuable archive format.

The file extension .io is created primarily with directory and file streams, integrated into a single archive with header information, which is read by archiving tools to properly extract it. Applications that handle the .io file extension are openly and freely distributed under the GNU license.

The .io file extension is also used in the IO prototype programming language as a script file. The file extension .io is created, based on the influence of Smalltalk, NewtonScript, LISP, Self, Lua and Act1, implemented with a BSD style license. The file extension .io can be hosted under the Microsoft Windows, Syllable, OSX/UNIX and Symbian Operating System platforms, with features like incremental collector, multiple VMs, C99 implementation and embeddable objects. The file extension .io also supports bindings like async dns and sockets, sqlite, regex, OpenGl, freetype, objective-c Bridge, and XML/HTML parsing among others.

Another programming language that implements the .io file extension is the Modula-3, which has been influential in developing applications for various industries, including fundamental contributions in the development of programming languages like C# and Java. The file extension .io is utilized in relation with the Object File generated by the programming language, which was built on top of the Modula-2 foundation.

The role of the file extension .io in the development application is related to its object oriented programming functionality, including support for other development features, like template or generic programming, exception handling, multi-threading, partial revelation, encapsulation of unsafe code, and garbage collection. The .io file extension generating Modula-3 was designed to emphasize inherent features and functionalities found in modern development languages, by effectively omitting complicated operator overloading, and multiple inheritance functions.


Steve Dekorte, Free Software Foundation, Inc.,

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CPIO, IO, Modula-3, Microsoft Windows, Syllable, OSX/UNIX, Symbian

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