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File Extension IMG

What is File Extension IMG?

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File Extension IMG Description:

The file extension IMG is an archive format designed to create disk images of floppy disks, or diskettes. The IMG file extension sets the format of archive files and contains features such as file compression, encryption, concatenation, directory structure information, and other metadata of an archive file.

As an archive file formatted by the file extension IMG, the disk images contain the whole contents structure in floppy disks. A disk image file is made based on the sectors on the floppy disk, known as bit copies, disregarding its file system. As a result, a disk image has the capacity to store all necessary information to replicate perfectly the structure and contents of a floppy disk.

The IMG file format has a raw dump of the disk contents. This means that the IMG file extension contains records of the table structure or database and typically appears as a list of structured query language statements. Having the attributes of a database dump, the IMG file extension is frequently used as a database back up in order to safely restore contents if data loss inadvertently occurs. Additionally, the IMG file extension is also used for mounting virtual floppy disks volumes.

The IMG file format is a freeware supported by several software distributors and developers but is not compatible with similar file extension IMA and Disk Copy Fast.

The first known programs that used the IMG file format were HDCopy and DiskDupe, which are Disk Operating System-based. As of present, GNU RaWrite, RawWrite for Windows, and WinRawrite support the IMG file extension. It is also used in Microsoft Virtual Machine and Server, and WinImage. A ZIP compression (the most popular archival format used today) version of the IMG file format is likewise supported by newer software.


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Applications associated with file extension IMG:

HDCopy, DiskDupe, GNU RaWrite, RawWrite for Windows, WinRawrite, Microsoft Virtual Machine, Microsoft Virtual Server, WinImage.

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