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File Extension IDS

What is File Extension IDS?

File Extension IDS Recommendation:

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File Extension IDS Description:

The file extension IDS is defined as 3-dimensional graphics software developed with basic structural plan based on Macintosh PowerPC. The IDS file extension features several functions starting at the 32-bit provided engine, transformation use by models, key structural animation process, and procedural shaders "a layered item". The file extension IDS consists of QuickTime assimilation for output animation products and hierarchical form of graphics and subdivided areas.

The use of common geometric primitive such as cylinder, sphere, cube, cones and many other featured items also supports inflated and extruded images seen through files with the file extension IDS. This enables the different readable image data that are used as primitive by defining it as a 256-grayscale level of component that are continuously transferred in a solid surface format. The output of the pursued process can be manipulated and modified similarly on any kind of primary program.

The file extension DSI also provides support for Skeletal Animation, or currently known as line animation. The User Interface of the DSI file extension acts as an editing portion that includes the full support for Skeletal Animation.

The file extension IDS has also different program availabilities. Among them is the IDS-Infinity game Engine by Bioware Corporation. Various types of programs use the kind of function that the file extension IDS provides. The file extension's function produces a time saving mechanism and gives an accurate file data listing on the program itself. The file extension IDS in the Bioware setup is a compact draw that enables the editing, drawing, and combination of text, shapes, and vector drawing items that consist of specified bitmap properties. The file extension IDS can be exported and can be viewed in an e-JPG format.

The file extension IDS is composed of two associated converters: Associate-O-Matic 2.3 ( and HoHo 4.2 (Cell phone-related fixing).


Bioware Corporation

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Applications associated with file extension IDS:

QuickTime, Associate-O-Matic 2.3, HoHo 4.2, Skeletal Animation

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