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File Extension ICM

What is File Extension ICM?

File Extension ICM Recommendation:

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File Extension ICM Description:

The files in the ICM file extension stand for Image Color Matching, and are otherwise known as "settings files". When used with programs designed to handle the ICM file extension, they contain color profiles that can be read and recognized by color printers, computer monitors, and scanners. The ICM file extension is also saved in a standardized format; this will allow both hardware and software to load information from it.

Because of this, the color profiles become the baseline used by several devices and programs. This means that the profile is matched to the common profile that can be shared with the individual profiles that are used. The standardized settings on ICM file extensions, aim to maintain color fidelity and color accuracy among different types of peripherals, across different computers and operating systems.

On the Windows platform, some programs that make use of files saved in the ICM file extension are: 1) Adobe Photoshop, 2) CorelDRAW, 3) Cerious ThumbsPlus, and 4) Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer. The ICM file extension is also inter-operable with the ICC file extension; they are extensions that both handle color profiles and are recognized by the software as well.

Files with the .icm extension are compatible with the newer Plug and Play specifications for monitors, adopted recently by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). Built within the ICM file extensions are the settings required for the computer monitors, to relay information onto the computer providing the possibility for color calibration.

Microsoft's Chicago is also developing a framework for the ICM file extension. Microsoft is not only incorporating this onto their own software titles, but also working with Apple and other developers to support the standard format across different platforms. The end result is an industry standard color profile/color management system.

Kodak has also developed their own program to interact with files in the .icm file extension. It is called the Kodak Professional Color System. It is used on Kodak's photo CDs and cameras.


Microsoft Corp.

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Applications associated with file extension ICM:

Microsoft titles and image software suites such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Cerious ThumbsPlus, Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer, Kodak Professional Color System

Common Path:

C:\ program files\

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