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File Extension HWP

What is File Extension HWP?

File Extension HWP Recommendation:

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File Extension HWP Description:

The HWP file extension is a word processor file that is created in the Hangul word processor. Files in the .hwp file extension are written in the Hangul or Korean Language. A company based in South Korea called HaanSoft developed the Hangul Word Processor. The word processor is extensively used in South Korea.

Files in the .hwp file extension contain document files in the Korean language, showing Hangul's support for special needs of Koreans, that has gained the popular use of the software around South Korea. Hangul and Microsoft Word are used together in most companies in South Korea. Hangul is derived form the word that Koreans use to call its alphabet. Hangul saves its documents files in the HWP file extension. The format is used in created versions from Hangul '97.

Files in the .hwp file extension can be viewed and edited with software, but files in the .hwp file extension that has been created with later versions from Hangul 2002 cannot be opened in, because of the major changes to the structure of the document. However, Hangul's later versions have support for the DOC format of Microsoft Word. These versions of Hangul also have a user interface in English, depending on the setting of the environment of the user.

To be able to open files in the .hwp file extension in a Windows system that is non-Korean, Microsoft Office should be installed and you can download and install a conversion program that allow files in the .hwp file extension, to be opened using Microsoft Word. HaanSoft has a document viewer for files in the .hwp file extension as well, that is available for free in their website. But although the HWP file extension is a standard for document files in Korea, similar to PDF, DOC or Rich Text Format, the format is not widely used outside of Korea.



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Hangul Word Processor, Hangul Document Viewer, Microsoft Office, and

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