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File Extension GRB

What is File Extension GRB?

File Extension GRB Recommendation:

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File Extension GRB Description:

The GRB file extension is associated with the graphics object in the HP-48/49 calculator, by Hewlett Packard. This pocket programmer use files in the .grb file extension for its bitmap images in B&W Binary. The HP-48 is a series of calculators for graphing and uses RPN, or Reverse Polish Notation, and RPL programming from 1990 up until 2003. Some models are expandable through a special RAM or memory expansion, and ROM or software application cards. Stack based programming called RPL is a combination of RPN and LISP. Created graphic objects are saved in a .grb file extension.

These binary images are digital images that only have two possible values for a pixel, and it is black and white. Monochrome is also used for this concept, and it is stored in memory as a bitmap, which are bits of packed array. This is because the HP-48 series can only handle this bi-level concept. The GRB file extension is appended to files where the interpretation of the bit value is either black or white in the device.

Files saved in the .grb file extension show the graphic objects formed in lists, and functions for the stack-based programming in the HP calculator, allowing programmers to pass the unevaluated code as the arguments to functions, or return the unevaluated code from a function, leaving it in the stack. RPL comes into two types, which are User RPL and the System RPL. User RPL is the language used when the user programs directly in the calculator, while the System RPL needs an external compiler. This can be done in the calculator itself, or in another computer. Sophisticated programming is combined into a small inexpensive package in the HP-48; it has s serial port, for simple program downloading and uploading to the computer or Internet.



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Applications associated with file extension GRB:

HP-48 Series Device Software, Microsoft Windows O/S

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