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File Extension GMP

What is File Extension GMP?

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File Extension GMP Description:

The file format GMP is a combined image and data type that is used in the topographic display of geographical locations. The file extension .gmp is referred to as a Geomorph Tile Map -- a segmented area of a project file used to properly render the view of a certain location of a map defined in the program. Renditions of these .gmp file formats may be in a top-down, or 3D rendition (with the help of Povray rendering procedures).

The program itself is a freeware application created for the Linux platform, and provides users the same capabilities of displaying and understanding topographical features of their selected areas. The program itself saves two file formats. One is the pure graphical image of the Geomorph project, which is archived in a .png file type. The other are the combined data and image pointer indicators saved in a .gmp file format. Both file types are interdependent on each other, as the former is the user end file that is accessed and displayed on the screen, while the latter is accessed by the main program to render the image file, as it should be.

The 2D representation of a geographical map is a simple 90 degree bird's eye view and does not actually show the spatial differences that would emphasize the elevation of each point on the map. Nevertheless, it still serves its purpose of providing vector and coordinate referencing for other map areas created.

The 3D representation in a .gmp file is a combination of binary data that includes the necessary z-axis plot coordinate to create a third dimension in image display; thus, creating a full and solid figure in an auxiliary view.

The file format .gmp supports binary data that defines a 16-bit per channel display of 4096x4096 pixels. A combination of display data and pixel data limits the amount of levels to an integer type of data, which is 65536; thereby, encompassing colors from black to white in a full color spectrum.



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